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Analysing the Spanish, German and English Languages of Marketing: A Corpus-Based Approach


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

14:30-16:00 First slot

1.   The language of marketing
a.    Marketing as subdiscipline of economic sciences
b.    Presentation of the corpus
c.    Morphological, lexical and syntactical characteristics of the marketing language in Spanish, German and English
d.    Terminology of marketing
e.    The Software Terminus
f.     Presentation of analysis results

2.    Your turn!: Terminology Exercises
a.    Compounds in German and Russian and their equivalents in Spanish and English
b.    Loanwords from the English to the Spanish, German and Russian languages of marketing
c.    Passive constructions
3.    Discussion

16:30-18:00 Second Slot
1.    Collocations in the language of marketing
a.    What is a „collocation“?
i.    Definitions
b.    Can collocations be considered phraseological units?
c.    How to extract collocations from corpora
i.    Based on word cooccurrences
ii.    Based on collocation patterns
d.    Brief description of the corpus
e.    The software ConcGram
f.    Presentation of analysis results

2.    Your turn!: Exercises with collocations
a.    Fill-in-the blank exercises
b.    Search concordances lines
3.    Discussion

Important information

> Length of this workshop:

half-day workshop

> Contact for this workshop:

Prof. Dr. Guadalupe Ruiz Yepes,


Aims and scope

The importance of languages for special purposes in multinational companies grows with each passing day. Multinationals are becoming conscious of the importance of communication in the field of global coordination. In this respect the knowledge of foreign languages is considered a source of competitive advantage and business schools all around the globe are starting to offer courses in Languages for Special Purposes (LSP) in the field of business (business German, business Spanish, and so  on). Since the field of business would be to broad to be pursued within the scope of a workshop we are going to focus on the language of marketing. Therefore, the main goal of this workshop is the contrastive analysis of certain aspects of the terminology and phraseology of the language of marketing in Spanish, German and English.The genres represented in the corpus are mainly scientic papers and articles published in specialiced journals.For the analysis of the terminology we apply the software TERMINUS developed at the University Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona by the research group IULATERM. For the analysis of the phraseology we will apply the software ConcGram 1.0. It is not the purpose of this workshop to make an extensive introduction to phraseology in general. We are just going to focus on „collocations“ which we consider to be phraseological units.


Prof. Dr. Guadalupe Ruiz Yepes teaches Business Spanish and Cultural Studies of the Hispanic World at the University of Applied Sciences in Heilbronn. She holds a PhD in Translation Studies and her research interests include the contrastive analysis of business phraseology. She spent a year at Aston University as a post-doc research fellow and has taught translation and languages in higher education also in the USA and Spain. 

Anastasia Konovalova teaches business Spanish at the University of Applied Sciences in Heilbronn. She graduated in Economics in 2005 and in Linguistics and Foreign Languages, German and Spanish in 2007. Since 2010 she is post-graduate Student at the Institute for Translation and Interpretation (University of Heidelberg) and her research interests include the comparative analysis of economic terminology in German, Spanish and Russian.

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