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Thematic tracks


Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Thematic track: Terminologies in theory and practice

  • Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Bodil Nistrup Madsen, Tine Lassen, Anna Elisabeth Odgaard Ingram, Pia Lyngby Hoffmann and Radu Dudici. Multilingual terminology work in theory – and in practice
  • Kseniya Egorova. LSP dictionaries of cultural terms: a case of Russian cultural terminology
  • Heike Elisabeth Juengst. Nature documentaries -- information without terminology?

Thematic track: Multilingualism, language policies, and socio-cultural issues of LSPs

  • Elena Chiocchetti. SMEs in historically bilingual regions facing multilingual communication: best practice approaches or unexpected challenges?
  • Noemi Ramila. How Changes in Language Policies Affect Linguistic Lanscapes: an Example from a Translation University Program in Brittany
  • Merja Koskela and Nina Pilke. Methodological challenges of modeling the dynamics of language use in bilingual formal meetings

Thematic track: Technical/specialized translation

  • Weronika Szeminska. Metaphrastic Text Analysis as a Tool in Teaching Specialised Translation
  • Maria Teresa Musacchio and Giuseppe Palumbo. Relaying Causes: A Study of causal connectives in translated texts across the popularisation continuum
  • Abeer Naser Eddine. Science for All via Digital Learning: the TED-Ed phenomenon, animation and translation

13:00-14:30 Lunch

Thematic track: Corpus-studies for LSP practice and research

  • Olga Makarova and Elena Yagunova. Readability and Scientific Texts Quality for the Automatic Summarization
  • Sabela Fernández Silva. The behaviour and function of term variation in academic discourse: differences across disciplines
  • Gisle Andersen. Towards automatic terminology extraction for Norwegian based on parallel corpora

Thematic track: Domain-specific languages

  • Bernhard Haidacher. Spices, liquids, countable silver and warning confidence (Synchronic metaphors from a diachronic perspective)
  • Nives Lenassi. Elements for expressing personal opinions in Italian business texts
  • Aymene Zermane. Domains Interactions in E-Commerce Terminology: the Development of a New Specialized Language from Other Specialized Languages

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

Thematic track: Domain-specific languages

  • Nihal Yetkin Karakoç. Analyzing diplomatic messages of congratulations
  • Irena Mikulaco. Legal translation as terminology challenge in the Croatian and Russian Context
  • Felicja Księżyk. Deutschlands Recht außerhalb Deutschlands. Ausgewählte usuelle Wortverbindungen im BGB und deren Wiedergabe in polnischen Übersetzungen

18:00-20:00 Reception

Thursday, 9 July 2015

Thematic track: LSP teaching and training

  • Olinka Breka. Tasks as a vehicle for the development of critical thinking in the ESP context
  • Magdalena Łęska and Jolanta Łącka-Badura. BEtmc: a tool for assessing and developing Business English teachers’ managerial competencies
  • Zorica Prnjat and Ljiljana Marković. English for environmental sciences at tertiary level: challenges of a CLIL approach

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

Thematic track: Corpus-studies for LSP practice and research

  • Marina Persuric Antonic. Persuasive strategies in tourist texts
  • Eugenia Dal Fovo. From Style to Language: Interpreted Discourse on Television. A Corpus-Based Study
  • Maria Teresa Musacchio. Strategies to tackle ‘deceiving transparency’ in the translation of economics and finance

Thematic track: Science communication

  • Ines Busch-Lauer. Book Reviews Revisited – Lessons Learned from the Review Editor’s Desk
  • Aleksandar Prnjat. Multilingualism in Journals for Philosophy and Humanities in Serbia

12:30-14:00 Lunch

Thematic track: Domain-specific languages

  • Ewa Majewska. Word formation of noun in German and Dutch medical vocabulary based on Austrian and Dutch specialist medical journals
  • Eleonora Pawłowicz. “Witness and become a part of history”: The pragmatic aspect of specialized equestrian discourse”
  • Alexandra Lavrova. Supercomputer Communication Engineering Domain

Thematic track: Professional communication

  • Tatjana Smirnova. Promotional LSP Texts: Marketing for Professionals
  • Larisa Iljinska, Oksana Samuilova and Zane Senko. Rhetorical Strategies in the Contemporary Professional Text
  • Marina Platonova. Aligning Technical Terms Based on Biblical Allusions: Functional Approach

Thematic track: LSP teaching and training

  • Aleksandra Breu. Planning the Foreign Language Teaching Process at Non-Philological Faculties Based on Current Didactic and Methodological Principles
  • Lourdes Sanchez-Lopez. Service-Learning in Spanish for Specific Purposes Programs in Higher Education in the United States
  • Marija Novakovic. Case study method in teaching languages for specific purposes - prospects and challenges

Thematic track: Multilingualism, language policies, and socio-cultural issues of LSPs

  • Susana Brobbey. Codeswitching on Ghanaian Radio Talk-show: “Bilingualism as an Asset”
  • Višnja Kabalin Borenić. The effect of language globalization on attitudes and motivation to learn English - the implications for teaching and learning English in tertiary business education
  • Daniela Matić. The Acceptability of the English Element in Croatian ICT Magazines with Undergraduate and Graduate Computer Science Students.

Thematic track: Science communication

  • Cristian González Arias and Sabela Fernández-Silva. The readers’ comments in science popularisation articles in digital newspaper media
  • Jan Engberg and Carmen Daniela Maier. Ballancing scientific objectivity and multimodal configurations in new academic research genres

20:00-23:00 Dinner

Friday, 10 July 2015

Thematic track: Terminologies in theory and practice

  • Ahmed Khurshid. Concepts and Ontology: The end of history?
  • Iulia Drăghici. Beauty and the Beast: The Terminology of Cosmetics in Romanian Dictionaries
  • Rodolfo Maslias. Building text-related, translation-oriented projects for IATE

10:30-11:00 Coffee break

Thematic track: LSP teaching and training

  • Philippe Gardy. The use of CAT tools in specialized translation teaching: current situation in Canada and perspectives
  • Paulina Pietrzak. Terms as building blocks of conceptual knowledge
  • Dragos Ciobanu. A holistic approach to LSP acquisition through international collaborative student projects

Thematic track: Corpus-studies for LSP practice and research

  • Tobias Gärtner. Academic words in context: a trilingual corpus platform for discipline specific academic technical writing
  • Marita Kristiansen. Towards harmonisation of macroeconomic and financial terminology in Norway. A comparison of terminological variation in Norwegian central banking communication and news discourse.
  • Magda Tigchelaar and Jessica Fox. Creating an Engineering Academic Formulas List

Language policy for the thematic tracks

The presentations in the thematic tracks will be given in English, German, and French.

No interpreting services will be available.

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